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Zhonganxie Technology Co., Ltd. has supplying security metal detection equipment for about 10 years. Our compay have a plant of 13,000 square meter, product line including: Walk-through Metal Detectors, Hand-held metal detectors and etc. Zhonganxie Technology Co., Ltd., located in China's reform and opening special economic zone city - Shenzhen.

Zhonganxie is with rapid development in just 9 years, become the safety industry leader due to shenzhen zhonganxie technology co., ltd. marketing cente, to integrate all resources for brand planning, market operation, marketing system, standard management to make scientific decisions, to ensure that the security cause, positive, efficient and rapid development.

In order to better adapt to the market, and constantly improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, zhonganxie always believe that technology is the root of the enterprise, innovation is the way out of the enterprise, zhonganxie will develop about 2 new products every year, each new product appeared, has been recognized by many customers.And has obtained the very good market effect.

Walk through metal detector, X-ray baggage scanning system, drugs and explosives detectors , fireworks detectors, vehicle visual search and other security equipments.Security products includ doors, hazardous liquid detector, underground metal detectors, hand-held metal detectors, needle machine, food and drug detection instrument, baggage screening machines, vehicle bottom inspection mirrors and so on. There is one of the four American security brands in the world, USA Arsenal Security Group ,to be technical support ,Zhonganxie Technology has always stood in the forefront of Chinese security manufacturing industry and become the market leader !